Below is a sampling of previous project design work. Work includes system design, circuit design, PCB layout, firmware, gateware, and application software unless otherwise noted.


  • Embedded software, Linux kernel drivers, and build system for consumer electronics device. Cameras and LCD interfaces. Verification of client hardware design.
  • Embedded software, Linux kernel drivers and build system for consumer electronics device. Verification of client hardware design.


  • Multi-module assembly for satellite primary command and data handling computer. Multiple communication busses. High-speed radio interface. Significant mechanical model interchange and integration.
  • Satellite multi-bus backplane.
  • Embedded software for 2.45 Ghz low-power radio peripheral interface. RTOS. Consumer electronics.
  • Very low-noise AC/DC power supply. Multiple positive / negative supply rails.


  • Gateware RTL for microcoded, writable instruction store SoC processor and peripherals. Limited, compiled byte-code software execution, not a complete general-purpose processor. Simulation, verification, runtime instrumentation.
  • Embedded software for USB audio subsystem. Standard USB audio device controls for microphone and stereo speaker output. USB and codec drivers. RTOS. Consumer electronics.
  • CubeSat structure prototypes. Alternate construction technique exploration.
  • CubeSat solar panel prototypes.


  • Zynq-based single-board compute platform for orbital launch vehicles and satellites. Embedded Linux. Custom radio gateware design. Linux kernel drivers. Harsh physical and electrical environment design.


  • Primary command and data handling computer for subsea ROV. Multiple communication busses, bulk data storage. Embedded Linux.


  • Field application computer for isolated AC mains monitoring. Embedded Linux, FCC and UL certified. Consumer electronics.
  • AC/DC power supply with AC voltage waveform monitoring.
  • Dual-channel sensorless BLDC motor controller with graceful over-temp current compensation.


  • AC mains voltage and current sensor. Small form-factor HDI design.
  • Battery-powered field bus application single-board computer. Multiple sensor busses, store-and-forward processing, LoRaWAN radio, embedded Linux.
  • 150 watt DC/DC switch mode power supply with multi-channel protected load switches. RS485 interface.


  • Two channel 200 watt DC motor controller with current and temperature protection. CAN bus interface.
  • Small 8 inch³ battery-powered environmental data logger (UV, VOCs, temperature, humidity, etc.). Very low standby power design.