Grizzly Peak Systems

Electronics and Embedded Systems Engineering

Grizzly Peak Systems can help you with embedded systems engineering across software, firmware, and hardware.

Past work includes a broad range of systems from flight control systems for space craft and orbital launch vehicles to small low-power consumer IoT devices.

Grizzly Peak Systems is operated by Charles Aylward and is located in Berkeley, California.

I can help you with design, review, implementation, and test. I can provide a turn-key solution for prototypes and engineering models (we start with a blank document and you end up with a working device).

Common Projects


Embedded Systems

HDI A small mixed-signal design with 0.4mm pitch BGAs, blind and buried vias, via-in-pad, sensitive analog signals, 0201 passives. Designed for high volume manufacturing and soft plastic overmolding.

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Systems Software (Unix / Linux)

Analysis, Review, Training

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